Google Adwords

“Use their language, the language they use everyday, the language in which they think”. - David Ogilvy

Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Advertising has been around since 2000, and at that time it was an absolute gold-mine for marketers - at the time the cost for a click was incredibly low due to a lack of competition.


However Adwords is still an extremely profitable tool for marketers, mainly due to its ability to tell you which keywords are more likely to get you a sale or enquiry. Your Adwords campaign should be profitable within the first 3 months, and if not, it’s likely negligence or human error that's got you there.


Lift Brand Awareness


Online behaviours change depending on the demographic types, but if you are not in a prominent position in search, you will be missing out on 100% of those customers who can’t see you.


Many businesses ask if they should bid on their own brand name. We always say they should, because Adwords clicks give you more information when looking in Analytics than organic search results.


Attract The Right Traffic


Google Adwords also allows you to target the the right type of customer, based off of their search terms. If you are an Ecommerce store you will want search terms with commercial intent behind them, if you are service business you may want a location based search.


During our monthly reviews, we will also look at the engagement from our campaign, and eliminate keywords that are not working as well as others, to further refine your spend and focus on the keywords that are worthwhile spending money on.


Competitive Research


Another great benefit of running Adwords, is the industry information you receive once you get going. For example you’ll be able to see which of your competitors are bidding, how much they are spending and how they are performing in comparison to you.


In our opinion, it is worthwhile running Adwords simply for this purpose.