Google My Business

If you have a brick and mortar store, or multiple locations, clients will be searching for your products, services and brand in your area.

In a world that has two-billion smartphones, and shopping methods that include multi-screen research, it’s no surprise that location based searches are increasingly prevalent and more important than ever for New Zealand businesses.


Most businesses will now be indexed using Google My Business, which shows a pin on a map next to the search results.


However this keeps changing. At the start of 2015 seven businesses got listed in what they called the “7 Pack”. By mid-2015 this had changed to just three, leaving the other businesses to rely on SEO and PPC to get them search visibility.


Here at Strike Digital we stay abreast of the latest changes, so we can take immediate actions, and you can stay informed as a business owner and decision maker.


There are also ways to optimise this channel to achieve greater visibility for your brand, and achieve better click through rates to your website as well.