Website Auditing and Analysis

Get an overall feel of how your brand is perceived online from a range of different angles with a surface analysis of your website.

Get qualified input on your presence before you redesign your website, so that you can enter the process with an informed opinion.


We look at the main design and usability aspects of your site that affect user engagement and conversion potential, so that you aren’t left in no mans land.


Imagine you are trying to convince a friend that they need to improve their lifestyle, but everytime it comes up they lose interest somewhere along the way. It’s not that different with potential clients online.


Talking with Sir Ray Avery, he described this process like “guiding lemmings away from the cliff” and helping them find the right pathway to get to where they should be going.


A Website Audit & Analysis will provide you with the relevant information for you to move into the next phase of development with a strong understanding of where you need to focus your attention.


We will conduct data driven analysis, provide qualified industry knowledge and perform a quality check through an interactive visual map for you to review and action in your own time.